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2021 OPEN SHOW UPDATE -  Entries on the Higham Press website close at 12 noon on 9th June. 
SCBC Open Show is due to take place on Friday 25th June 2021. The show is being held in partnership with Southern Counties Canine Association at the  Newbury Showground, Priors Court, Hermitage, Thatcham RG18 9QZ.
The Club's Open show will follow the SCCA Championship show in the same ring (21).

A short update for our Southern Counties Beagle Club members and Facebook friends:

With the anticipated gradual easing of the lockdown the Club’s committee considered it was time to update its members on our proposals for a show this year. Under ordinary circumstances we would be running our open show back to back with Southern Counties CA Championship Show at the end of May/beginning of June and we are doing our best to stage the show with the minimum disruption to what might be a packed calendar of shows if all goes to plan. There is still a great deal of uncertainty around show arrangements even with the publication the government’s Covid roadmap. It was announced by the government that from May 17 most mixing rules will be lifted outdoors and large outdoor sports venues will be allowed to have 10,000 spectators.
Currently Southern Counties has said, “Like many other shows and organisations, we are doing our best to stage the show in the current climate…given the extenuating circumstances. Plan A is to continue with the show on the original dates, albeit in Covid safe conditions; Newbury showground is being used as a testing centre but it is a very large area and there is plenty of room. There are other options if that is not possible, so Plan B is being carefully considered with other possible dates and venues.” This leaves the door open for us to have our show with Southern Counties.

Bournemouth CA is believed to be planning their show later this year but as we all know any change in the pandemic circulating in the community could bring all preparations to a halt. Some General Championship shows, including the Welsh KC, have already cancelled their shows.
We are hopeful that this year we can find a date to hold our open show either back to back with one of the outdoor championship shows or at a location that will be close enough to the Championship Show venue to prove attractive to exhibitors.

As mentioned by Ann Phillips in her ‘Our Dogs’ breed notes a couple of weeks ago, breed clubs are all struggling financially because of the extended break in dog showing. As SCBC is a relatively new club and has not had the opportunity to build up a healthy bank balance we would appreciate it if any member who usually pays a subscription to the club could support us by paying their membership. This can be done by either sending a cheque payable to “Southern Counties Beagle Club” to Jessie Bell, SCBC Membership Secretary, 38 Holly Grove, Fareham, PO16 7UP or by BACS payment, DD or Standing order to 60-01-13 Acct number 44134118 ref: membership. Our membership rates are £4 Junior, £8 single and £12 Family. Many thanks.

SCBC second Open Show – 31st May 2019
The club’s Open Show in 2019 was held back-to-back with the Southern Counties Championship Show at Newbury Showground, near Thatcham. Our judges for the day were breed specialist Claire Tanner [Felinoak] who judged dogs and hound specialist Sue Finnett [Hyndsight] judging bitches. The Referee for the day was the club’s President Oonagh Gore although her services were not required as the judges agreed on all of their final placings. Best Bitch and BIS was Parker and Stevens’ Serenaker Maid in America; Best Dog and RBIS was Parker and Stevens’ Serenaker Hot as ‘Ell. Best Puppy was Craig’s Davricard Jacob and Best Veteran was Simkin’s Simeldaka Marsaxlokk Wren. Although the weather was not as warm as when we had our 2018 show in September it was pleasant enough to sit watching the proceeding without any need to take shelter from rain. Good dog showing weather. There is no doubt that following on from a Championship show has many advantages but a few disadvantages as well. We had anticipated starting much earlier in the day so the 2pm start didn’t help what was a good entry of 65 hounds. A few exhibitors left early to avoid the traffic but, as a relatively new club, we appreciate the support of those that stayed to make the show a success and we value the support that we are getting generally from exhibitors.

Open Show Critiques DOGS - Many thanks to the Southern Counties Beagle Club for the invitation to judge Dogs at the open show held in conjunction with SCCS Championship Show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day thanks to the exhibitors and committee.
Minor Puppy Dog (3) 1st. Craig’s Davricard Jacob. Six month old T&W. What a lovely puppy! Extremely well schooled and didn't put a foot wrong. Head of equal proportions and as it should be for a six month old with time ahead for development. Kind expression and good pigmentation. Presents a very pleasing clean outline when stacked. Lovely length of neck, nicely arched into well laid back shoulders. Level top line, correct tail set and carriage. Nicely angulated both front and rear, which is proven on the move, free flowing with good reach and drive, a pleasure to watch. Correct movement coming and going. I look forward to seeing him mature BPIS & RBD
2nd. Henningsson-Dundas’ Julemark Luther. Six month Tri. Pleasing puppy with head of good shape with dark eye & good length of leathers. Good length of neck leading to level topline. Good fore chest, straight legs with good bone. True movement coming and going and showing reach and drive in profile. Preferred the outline of 1 and steadiness on the move. 3rd Wenman's Seiont Ifan Sir Romeo.
Puppy Dog (3, 1a) 1st Philpott’s Charterwood Storm. Very settled youngster with a balanced compact outline. Pleasing head with good stop. Would prefer a darker eye. Slightly arched neck leading to good level top line, good tail set and carried well. He moved effortlessly in profile and was true coming and going. 2nd Sutton’s Rosset Whisperer. Of a different type to 1 with a lot to like. OK head with a nice dark eye. Lovely length of neck leading to well placed shoulder, level top line, good tail set and carriage. Movement was true both coming and going. Playing his handler up today and was not settled on the move. Cold easily swap places with 1 on a more co-operating day I'm sure.
Junior Dog (3) 1st. Coates’ Irinstyle Eagle in Flight to Gladstyle (Imp Rus). Tri with a pleasing outline while stacked. He has an OK head with dark eye. Good bone down to tight feet. Balanced angulation and moves well in profile. A little wide in front. 2nd. Philpott’s Charterwood Sovereign. Litter brother to 1st in Puppy. He has a nice head with soft expression, good length of leathers correctly placed. Good bone down to tight feet. Unsettled on the table and on the move today. Preferred the top line and tail set of 1. 3rd Simkins Siggiewi Star.
Graduate Dog (3, 1a) 1st Taylor’s Deaconfield Kingcraft. An eye catching compact 18 month old who free stands four square and is not overdone in any way. Meltingly soft expression with a kind eye. He moved freely around the ring and couldn't fault coming and going. Good bone, level top line, well placed tail carried perfectly. I believe there is more to come from this boy as he matures and settles. Considered for RBD 2nd Thornton’s Nedlaw Trumpeter with Maplelayne. T & W two year old who again moved freely around the ring. These two boys were a pleasure to watch moving together. Slightly longer cast and longer coupled than 1. Nice head proportions with good pigmentation. Good length of neck leading to level top line. Correct tail set and carried correctly. Preferred head softness of 1.
Limit Dog (5, 3a) 1st Walden’s Nedlaw Quincy. Three year old T & W. Lovely head with moderate width. Kind soft expression with correct eye and good pigmentation. Good bone down to tight feet. Good length of neck to level top line, correct set on & tail carriage. Presents a pleasing overall shape, while stacked, and moves well in profile. A little close behind and carrying a little too much weight for me today. 2nd Denney’s Janimist The Countryman with Matoutahi. Four year old tri. Nicely shaped male who looks better stacked on the table than on the floor. He has a pleasing head and expression with a good length of neck leading to level topline. Correctly carried tail. Moved Ok in profile, a little close behind. Not the bone of 1.
Open Dog (3, 1a) 1st Parker & Stevens’ Serenaker Hot As ‘Ell. A day shy of 3 years old. A male I have judged before and he has matured correctly, filling out to be well balanced. He has the best of heads with the softest of expressions, slightly domed, correct eye colour and shape and correctly placed leathers. Arched neck leading to well placed shoulders, level top line, correct set on of stern and carried well. Just enough fore chest, straight legs, good bone to tight feet. He presents a balanced outline while stacked and is a delight to watch in profile showing free flowing movement with reach and drive. Good movement coming and going. Beaten to BIS by his kennel mate as she was ever so slightly neater coming towards (really nit picking!) BD & RBIS 2nd Chapman’s Dialynne Solace at Gemark. Five year old tri of different type to 1. Head of moderate width, equal proportions, dark eye. Compact in shape, good length of neck leading to well placed shoulders. Level top line and correctly placed tail. Steady mover in profile but not the reach and drive of 1. True coming and going.
Veteran Dog (1) 1st McBain’s Bondlea Layman. Seven year old tri presenting a pleasing balanced outline stacked. OK head of equal proportions. He has a good length of neck running to a level top line. Nicely set tail and carried well. Reluctant to move out in profile today. Good width behind but moving wide in front. Claire Tanner (Judge)
BITCHES - My thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge and to the exhibitors for giving me such a lovely entry. Temperaments were good as you would expect.
Minor Puppy Bitch (5, 3 abs) 1st Ayers-Cousins' Viracocha Onya Marks, 8 mo v smart youngster with remarkable ring presence for her age. She has a lovely head and expression and excellent pigment. Nice proportions with a good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm and good bone. Level topline held on the move with a good tail set and hind angulation. She moved well coming and going and in profile. 2nd McBain & Stevens' Blitzlilie Girl With No Name, another nice, well grown 7 mo girl. Nice outline with an attractive head and eye and good depth of body for age. A balanced bitch with good tail carriage, she moved well.
Puppy Bitch (8, 3 abs) 1st Coates's Gladstyle On A Roll, 11 mo Tri of good size for age with a pleasing outline although a shade longer cast. Nice head, ear and expression with good shoulder and return. Nice depth of chest with good ribbing carried well back. Level topline and good tail set with nice hind angulation and good movement. 2nd McBain & Stevens' Blitzlilie Girl With No Name. 3rd Webster's Michelroy Pimpernell With Houndscoast.
Junior Bitch (4, 3 abs) 1st Whitton's Tabula Rasa Of Haggatty, just 9 mo a pretty tri girl with a good outline, topline and depth. Would like a touch more length in muzzle. She has moderate, but adequate, hind angulation but tends to be stood a little over stretched behind. None the less she moved well in profile and coming and going.
Post Graduate Bitch (11, 2 abs) 1st Jacklin's Triecap Countess Crystal, 22 mo compact hound with a lovely head, dark eyes and very dark pigment. A good neck runs into a well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. She has good depth of chest with ribs carried well back and a short loin. Nice tail carriage and good hind angulation with good positive movement. 2nd Roberts & Spearing's Linkenlees Laurina, feminine head with good pigment and a good neck. She has a nice outline, a little longer cast than the winner. Balanced angulation fore and aft and a good tail she moved soundly. 3rd Taylor's Deaconfield Keepsake.
Limit Bitch (7, 3 abs) 1st Parker & Stevens' Serenaker Maid In America, caught my eye as she entered the ring. V nice, typical, compact girl with a sweet head, dark eye and good ears. Lovely neck, nice fore chest with a good front, lovely deep chest, good ribbing and level topline. She has well angulated hind quarters and a good tail which was used well on the move. Presented in good muscular condition she showed her lovely movement with a good ground covering stride and powerful hind propulsion. Well deserved Best Bitch and with the agreement of my co-judge a lovely Best Of Breed. 2nd Ferguson's Nedlaw Queen Of Hearts, another quality bitch with similar attributes. Attractive head, kind eye and nice ears. Good neck runs into a good shoulder with nice front angulation, good depth of body and level topline. She has good rear angulation nice tail set and carriage and moved straight and true. 3rd Roberts & Spearing's Linkenlees Lyric Sh.CM ShCEx yet another nice bitch, litter sister to the winner of Post Graduate.
Open Bitch (7, 2 abs) 1st McBain & Stevens' Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCM, mature 6 yr old bitch, slightly longer cast, well made all through and with a happy disposition. Her good neck flows into a good topline. She is well angulated front and rear and this showed in her good movement. 2nd Jacklin's Triecap Queen Ruby, compact tri Bitch with a lovely outline, nice head and low set ears. She has nice balanced angulation and good proportions with a nice tail carriage on the move. 3rd Brownlow’s' Bellvalley Dunnit.
Veteran Bitch (4) This was a lovely veteran class. 1st Simkin's Simeldaka Marsaxlokk Wren Sh.CM 8 yr old bitch shown in very good condition. She has a nice head and eye with good ears. Good outline and proportions with a good front and nice fore chest. Good depth with correct ribbing carried well back and a good topline. She has good hind angulation and moved positively with good extension. Pleased to award her RBB. 2nd Webster's Moonjoon Sweet Nothing Sh.CM, another nice bitch slightly longer cast with a sweet head and expression. She has good balanced angulation, a nice neck and level topline with a short loin. She moved well. 3rd Roberts & Spearing's Linkenlees Liberty Sh.CM. Sue Finnett (Judge)