Southern Counties Beagle Club Open Show 2022

** Southern Counties Beagle Club - Open Show - 3rd June ** 
Entries close 19th May
Judge: Mr Matthew Wenman (Wenanou)

** Southern Counties CA - Championship Show - 3rd June **
Entries close 28th April at midnight
Judge: Mrs Ann Tofts (Jarrowley)

** Reading & District KA - Open Show - 1st June **
Entries close 16th May
Judge: Miss Sam McBain
SCBC Supported entry
All 3 shows are being held at the Newbury Showground

Even if you are not entering one of these shows why not come along and have a look at other people's Beagles.

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SCBC third Open Show – 25th June 2021

The club’s Open Show in 2021 was once again held back-to-back with the Southern Counties Canine Association Championship Show at Newbury Showground, near Thatcham. There had been delays and a lot of speculation as to whether the show would go ahead due to issues around the Covid 19 pandemic. Unlike some general Championship Shows SCCA were in a better position than many and did not find it necessary to cancel their show. Our judge for the day was breed specialist from Scotland, Rachel Cuthill (Divinebrae). Rachel had a terrific entry of 71 Beagles giving an entry of 81.

 Whilst there are lots of advantages for the club to go in partnership with a bigger show, the fact that we couldn’t get started until later in the day, after the CC’s had been awarded at the SCCA show, did have an impact on the number of people who stayed to the end of our show. Rachel coped well with everything that came her way and finished up with a lovely line-up of hounds.

 Best Bitch, BP and BIS was Havard’s Annavah Buttercup who also took the Hound Puppy Group 1 at the SCCA Championship Show.  Best Dog, RBIS and BV was Goldberg’s Ch. Molesend Kaftan JW Sh,CM.

 Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge their open show. After a considerable amount of time away from the show ring, it was lovely to be back for the first time in a judging capacity. Thank you to the exhibitors who were able to stay for the open show after a long day in the sun.

 MPD (4,2abs)

 1st Hardisty’s Blunderhall Live Wire Pleasing head and expression on this smart 8 month tri, well constructed and moved well in all directions, holding his topline. Just needs to drop into his front with maturity.

 2nd Coates’s Gladstyle Magic Moment Raw tri of 6 months, Full of naughtiness! Reachy neck into well laid shoulders, good quarters, good bone. Very unsettled on the move and stack, could see glimpses of his potential. Preferred the head on 1.

 PD (0)

 JD (5,1abs)

 1st Bridgman’s Truwin Father To Son at Kingswin (imp It) A lot of dog in a small package, balanced front to back, masculine head, arched neck in to well laid shoulders, moved well in profile needed to settle in front.

 2nd Simkin’s Simeldaka Senglea Squire Larger and lighter mould than 1, sweet head and good eyes, covered the ground well.

 YD (7,3Ab,1WD)

 1st Chapman’s Gemark Eyas Longer cast TW dog, good neck and shoulders, correct depth chest, moved soundly and held his topline.

 2nd Wenman’s Wennanou Bangkok Billy Tri dog, pleasing head proportions and well set leathers, moved soundly before, after and in profile. I would prefer a darker more shapely eye on this boy.

 ND (5,1Ab)

1st Ferguson’s Lilipaw Bruce The Spruce Masculine head on this up TW boy, plenty depth in front, good body and muscled quarters. Moved well covering the ground with ease. Would prefer a larger eye and darker pigment to complete the picture.

 2nd Norridge’s Serenaker Dreamcaster Smaller mould than 1. Pleasing head and expression with correct earset, good length of neck. Unsettled for his handler today and needed to use his tail more, but he still moved well and held his topline.

 PGD (2,1abs)

1st Murphy’s Rhosyndu Born To Run Houndy up to size dog with a masculine head, well ribbed moved okay covering the ground.

 LD (3,1abs)

 1st Edge & James-Dow’s Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar JW One I’ve watched with interest, good head and appealing expression, well set leathers, arched neck into well laid shoulders, compact body. Moves well, covering the ground with ease. Unfortunately he was very unhappy in the challenge.

 2nd Murphy’s Black Royal at Rhosyndu Houndy up to size lad, strong head, good pigment, level topline, moved okay.

 OD (9,2abs)

 1st Hardisty’s Eardley Alec Tricity at Blunderhall JW Smart blanket tri with a balanced head appealing expression, strong body and well developed quarters. Moved well both ways and in profile. Sadly in the challenge the long day got the better of him and he wasn’t driving as freely.

 2nd Jones’s Newlin Preston To Clairedale Different type to one. Pleasing head and mild expression, he was also nicely put together with good shoulders, a strong body and well muscled quarters. Moved soundly with reach and drive.

 VD (3)

 1st Goldberg’s Ch. Molesend Kaftan JW Sh.CM Almost 10yr Tri mottle, with a lovely outline, balanced head & dark eye with the softest of expressions. Well proportioned throughout with correct angulation in front & rear which showed in this true and effortless movement as he floated round the ring, he could show the youngsters a thing or two. BD,BVD,RBIS & BVIS.

 2nd Thornton’s Ch Nedlaw Rupert with Maplelayne JW Slightly different make & shape to one but still lots to like, masculine head with dark eye, arched neck into good shoulder. Well made throughout & correctly coupled. Again he moved effortlessly with reach and drive. RBD

 MPB (3)

 1st Barnes & Evans’s Bellvalley Blackthorn Super feminine head on this sweet 6mth tri, good reach of neck ,balanced throughout with correct angulation and depth of chest. Moved well in all directions with reach and drive.

2nd Lennard’s Butterow Token Pleasing head with dark eye, arched neck into good shoulders, moved well with level topline. Preferred tail carriage & set of 1.

 PB (5,2abs)

1st Havard’s Annavah Buttercup This girl gave me goosebumps, presented in immaculate condition, this compact T/W with the most beautiful head & expression, arched neck flows into correct shoulders,well ribbed, short coupled, well muscled quarters and a level topline. She didn’t disappoint on the move & covered the ground with style. One to watch. BB, BP,BIS & BPIS

 2nd Edge & James-Dow’s Jalhar Crowning Glory Blanket tri with a pleasing head and expression, presents a lovely outline, good reach of neck into a firm topline & well made rear, moved with reach & drive.

 JB (3,2abs)

1st Hardisty’s Eardley Talking in Texas with Blunderhall Stood alone this sweet, unexaggerated compact tri, super head proportions with lovely dark eyes, correct angulation throughout & correct depth of chest. She moved soundly with reach & drive. I would have just liked a wee bit more of her in front but that’s really nit picking. RBB

 YB (5,2abs)

 1st Wenman’s Wennanou Miss Francisco Pleasing head & expression on this young bitch, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, well ribbed & short coupled. Moved well in profile with reach & drive.

 2nd Bridgman’s Kellitcreed Dirty Diana at Kingswin Blanket tri with pleasing head and expression, good layback of shoulder, longer in coupling than one, moved well in profile.

 NB (6,4abs)

 1st Bridgeman’s Felicity at Kingswin Well defined head with pleasing head and expression on this broken tri girl with dark eye & low set ears. Well ribbed,longer cast an plenty in front. Moved well in profile.

 2nd Edges & James-Dow’s Jalhar Crowning Glory.

 PGB (5,4abs)

1st McBain & Stevens’s Blitzlillie Girl With No Name Another who stood alone today, bright T/W with pleasing head and expression, longer cast but her angulation is balanced front to back with plenty depth of chest, moved well.

 LB (7,4abs)

1st Jones’s Clairedale Evelyn Smart tri with a mild pleasing expression, well made throughout the body, well off for bone and well muscled rear. Moved soundly in all directions, carrying a touch too much condition today.

 2nd Robert’s & Spearing Linkenlees Laurina Another smart girl with good head proportions & expression, plenty neck into correct shoulders, well ribbed back & depth of chest. Moved well, just wanted a little more oomph and animation from her.

 OB (6,2abs)

1st Edges & James-Dow’s Jalhar Edge Of Glory Showy girl who put her all into her performance, moved well in profile with plenty reach & drive, she has an appealing head with good proportions, dark eye & low leathers. Good neck, shoulders and angulated rear.

 2nd Lennard’s Butterow Rumba Different in type to 1. Pleasing head and expression on this t/w mottle, balanced angulation, well ribbed and round bone. Moved soundly in all directions and held her topline.

 VB (6)

1st McBain & Stevens’s Redcap Bella Sorella Lovely girl who presented a smart picture, sweet head & expression, well built throughout. She covered the ground easily with enthusiasm, shown in super condition. BVB

 2nd Ambridge’s Tiger Lilly Blossom Sweet T/W with a pleasing head and dark eye, good length of neck, balanced front to rear, moved well but just a touch close behind today.

 Judge : Rachel Cuthill (Divinebrae)