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Results from Southern Counties Beagle Club Open Show 2024

Judge: Dawn Coates (Gladstyle)

Best in Show - Serenaker Saltydog
Reserve Best in Show - Molesend Giorgio
Best Puppy in Show - Rosanka Harlow by Deaconfield
Best Veteran in Show - Ch Serenaker Elle's Belles

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L-R-Serenaker Saltydog, Molesend Giorgio, Rosanka Harlow by Deaconfield, Ch Serenaker Elle's Belles

Dog Results

Minor Puppy Dog
1st - Rosanka O'Neal by Deaconfield
2nd - Clarismore Crown Prince
3rd - Julemark Chaos

Puppy Dog 
1st - Clarismore Crown Prince
2nd - Lilleagle Jeremy Fisher with Bellenza

Junior Dog 
1st - Molesend Giorgio
2nd - Forgebanks Santiano
3rd - Fallowfield Romeo
Res - Lilleagle Jeremy Fisher with Bellenza
VHC - Davricard Jacobean

Novice Dog 
1st - Haggatty Bonafide
2nd - Julemark Chaos
3rd - Lilleagle Jeremy Fisher with Bellenza

Post Graduate Dog 
1st - Blunderhall Jacks The Lad
2nd - Amorpapaver Hercules

Limit Dog 
1st - Serenaker Saltydog
2nd - Fallowfield Fellman
3rd - Kubik Csiki Kopo at Kingswin
Res - Amorpapaver Jupiter
VHC - Davricard Picasso at Rhosyndu

Open Dog 
1st - Jalhar The Wonder of You at Haggatty
2nd - Lanesend Redcap Bushranger

Veteran Dog (2/0)
1st - Ch Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle JW ShCM VW
2nd Black Royal at Rhosyndu VW

Best Dog
Serenaker Saltydog
Reserve Best Dog
Molesend Giorgio
Best Puppy
Rosanka O'Neal by Deaconfield
Best Veteran Dog
Ch Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle JW ShCM VW

Bitch Results

Minor Puppy Bitch 
1st - Rosanka Harlow by Deaconfield
2nd - Serenaker Liberty Belle
3rd - Kingswin Jules in the Crown
Res - Brimbleway Galaxy Bar for Redcap

Puppy Bitch 
1st - Blunderhall Saucy Sally
2nd - Velenco True Love for Fallowfield

Junior Bitch
1st - Forgebanks Shantung
2nd - Bijou Tosha Avec Torbers (Imp LVA)
3rd - Rundle Lovelace
Res - Rushwater Violet Sky (AI)

Novice Bitch 
1st - Stormpasture Strumpette for Rosroden
2nd - Rundle Lovelace
3rd - Rushwater Violet Sky (AI)

Post Grad Bitch 
1st - Serenaker Manhattan
2nd - Haggatty Callisto
3rd - Coachbarn Cresta
Res - Rushwater Pili Pala

Limit Bitch
1st - Clarismore Twist & Shout
2nd - Linkenlees Laurina ShChEx
3rd - Dufosee Iyla at Bondlea JW
Res - Coachbarn Crier

Open Bitch
1st - Ch Molesend Dormouse JW
2nd - Annavah Nocturne at Barrvale
3rd - Redcap The Loco Motion with Talbotrise
Res - Linkenlees Lyric ShChEx ShChM

Veteran Bitch 
1st - Ch Serenaker Elle's Belles
2nd - Linkenlees Laurina ShChEx
3rd -  Linkenlees Lyric ShChEx ShChM
Res - Coachbarn Celeste

Best Bitch
Clarismore Twist & Shout
Reserve Best Bitch
Forgebanks Shantung
Best Puppy Bitch
Rosanka Harlow by Deaconfield
Best Veteran Bitch
Ch Serenaker Elle's Belles

AGM Updates 2024

Following the SCBC AGM which was held on Saturday 13th April 2024, the committee would like to thank our long time Club Secretary Sally Kimber who has now officially retired from her duties and stepped into her Vice President's position.  The club would not be where it is today without Sally's tireless efforts and we know we will be leaning on her for advice still.

Jane Whitton has agreed to step into the role of Secretary and so moving forward, if anyone has any queries please feel free to email her at the new email of:

We would also like to welcome El Poulter onto the committee following being voted on unanimously at the AGM.

Results from Southern Counties Beagle Club
First Championship Show
13th January 2024

Judge - Serena Parker (Serenaker)

Best in Show Ch Davricard Gaulter                               Reserve Best in Show - Molesend Dormouse JW
Best Puppy in Show - Fallowfield Raya
Reserve Best Puppy in Show - Eardley Ready for Anything
Best Veteran in Show - Ch Janfrey Randle Upon Rundle JW Sh.CM
Reserve Best Veteran in Show - Eardley Shirley Knot Avec Vencharno

Dog CC - Ch Davricard Gaultier
RDCC - Fallowfield Fellman
Bitch CC - Molesend Dormouse JW
RBCC - Felinoak Ffansi Nansi JW

Click the link below to see the 2024 Championship Show Critiques


Please note that the photos below are the property of SCBC and so if any exhibitors wish to have them for themselves for publication then please contact Chibaya Photography to purchase copies of these. Chibaya will also have additional photos ringside in their albums.


Ch Davicard Gaultier


Ch Molesend Dormouse JW (stkca)


Fallowfield Raya


Eardley Ready for Anything


Ch Janfrey Randle Upon Rundle JW Sh.CM


Eardley Shirley Knot Avec Vencharno


Dog Results

Special Beginners Dog
1st - Rundle Raspberry Roulade
2nd - Rowsprings Sabre
3rd - Amorpapaver Hecules

Minor Puppy Dog
1st - Bellvalley Epsom Gold
2nd - Rossut Banter
3rd - Charterwood Herald
Reserve - Rowsprings Sabre

Puppy Dog
1st - Eardley Ready For Anything
2nd - Fallowfield Romeo
3rd - Wenannou Vader
Reserve - Forgebanks Santiano
VHC - Rundle Harrier

Junior Dog
1st - Vencharno Top Gun Maverick

Novice Dog
1st - Fallowfield Fellman
2nd - Forgebanks Santiano
3rd - Rhiconich Code
Reserve - Rundle Harrier
VHC - Rowsprings Sabre

Post Graduate Dog
1st - Rossut Zavier at Sandylands
2nd - Lanesend Redcap Bushranger
3rd - Rundle Raspberry Roulade
Reserve - Amorpapaver Hercules

Limit Dog
1st - Rhiconich Obconica
2nd - Rossut Villein at Molesend
3rd - Charterwood Chancellor
Reserve - Kubik Csiki Kopo at Kingswin (Imp.Serb)
VHC - Huntshill Up to Trouble

Open Dog
1st - Ch Davricard Gaulter
2nd - Deaconfield  Kingcraft

Veteran Dog
1st - Ch Shercroft Apollo JW Sh.CM
2nd - Huntshill Tornado JW Sh.CM
3rd - Black Royal at Rhosyndu VW

Special Vintage Dog
1st - Ch Janfrey Randle Upon Rundle JW Sh.CM
2nd - Lanesend Segenhoe JW Sh.CM

Bitch Results

Special Beginners Bitch
1st - Alkira Rooibos Valentine
2nd - Jalhar Be Glorious
3rd - Jalhar Key to My Heart

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Charterwood Hostess
2nd - Gladstyle Luck of The Draw

Puppy Bitch
1st - Fallowfield Raya
2nd - Eardley Smartypants
3rd - Rhiconich Miss Mischief
Reserve - Forgebanks Shantung
VHC - Rundle Lovelace

Junior Bitch
1st - Felinoak Ffansi Nansi JW
2nd - Dufosee Julianna Avec Annavah
3rd - Butterow Unity
Reserve - Eardley Kinky Boots
VHC - Redcap The Loco Motion with Talbotrise

Novice Bitch
1st - Fallowfield Flaxen
2nd - Forgebanks Shantung
3rd - Rundle Lovelace
Reserve - Haggatty Callisto
VHC - Felinoak Fizz at Huntshill

Post Graduate Bitch
1st - Annavah Nocturne at Barrvale
2nd - Butterow Unity
3rd - Koorbats Meadow
Reserve - Deaconfield Lyric
VHC - Rossut Vestry with Michelroy

Limit Bitch
1st - Annavah Belinda of Davricard
2nd - Rhiconich Bombshell
3rd - Felinoak El Koko Loko
Reserve - Canowindra Ooh La La
VHC - Kellitcreed Cotton Candy

Open Bitch
1st - Molesend Dormouse JW
2nd - Ch Annavah Princess Tiana
3rd - Kellitcreed Back Chat
Reserve - Butterow Token 

Veteran Bitch
1st - Eardley Shirley Knot Avec Vencharno
2nd - Arpege Alkira
3rd - Madika Spot On JW Sh.CM Aw(P) VW
Reserve - Timamso Saskia for Michelroy
VHC - Linkenlees Lyric Sh.CEx Sh.CM

Special Vintage Bitch
1st - Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM VW
2nd - Stormpasture Trump Card Over Detrick
3rd - Tiger Lily Blossom

Southern Counties Beagle Club
First Championship Show
13th January 2024


A super entry has been posted for our Judge Serena Parker of 111 Beagles to make 125 entries

Please click HERE for more info from Higham Press and click on the link below to download a copy of the schedule. 

SCBC Summer 2023 Newsletter

Please click HERE to view our Summer 2023 Newsletter.

Results from Southern Counties Beagle Club Open Show 2023

Judge: Jessie Bell (Claybank)
(Note that this was a replacement judge due to Caroline Friend-Rees being in hospital)

Best in ShowFelinoak Ffansi Nansi
Reserve Best in ShowKellitcreed Sweeney Tod
Best Puppy in ShowFelinoak Ffansi Nansi
Best Veteran in Show - Lanesend Segenhoe JW ShChM

Click the link below to see the 2023 Open Show Critiques

L-R - Felinoak Ffansi Nansi, Kellitcreed Sweeney Tod, Jessie Bell & Lanesend Segenhoe JW ShChM

Dog Results

Minor Puppy Dog (2/0)
1st - Blunderhall Jacks The Lad
2nd - Haggatty Bonafide

Puppy Dog (4/0)
1st - Serenaker Saltydog
2nd - Lanesend Redcap Bushranger
3rd - Rossut Villein at Molesend
Reserve - Triecap Emperor Alvin

Junior Dog (2/1)
1st - Annavah Nickelby

Yearling Dog (1/0)
1st  - Kellitcreed Sweeney Tod

Post Graduate Dog (1/0)
1st Davricard Picasso at Rhosyndu

Limit Dog (0/0)
No Entries

Open Dog (2/0)
1st - Gemark Eyas
2nd - Ch Serenaker Armani

Veteran Dog (2/0)
1st Lanesend Segenhoe JW ShChM
2nd Black Royal at Rhosyndu VW

Best Dog
Kellitcreed Sweeney Tod
Reserve Best Dog
Serenaker Saltydog
Best Puppy 
Serenaker Saltydog
Best Veteran Dog
Lanesend Segenhoe JW ShChM

Best Dog | Reserve Best Dog/Best Puppy Dog

Bitch Results

Minor Puppy Bitch (4/0)
1st - Felinoak Ffansi Nansi
2nd - Davricard Chanel Around Barrvale
3rd - Haggatty Callisto
Res - Felinoak Fizz at Huntshill

Puppy Bitch (8/2)
1st - Dufosee Julianna Avec Annavah
2nd - Serenaker Manhattan
3rd - Redcap The Loco Motion with Talbotrise
Res - Gladstyle Mid Summer Dream
VHC - Butterow Unity

Junior Bitch (3/1)
1st - Annavah Nocturne At Barrvale
2nd - Butterow Unity

Yearling Bitch (6/1)
1st - Blunderhall Kiss Me Quick
2nd - Felinoak El Koko Loko
3rd - Gladstyle Too Close to Call JW
Res - Kellitcreed Frozen Assets
VHC - Kellitcreed Cotton Candy

Post Grad Bitch (5/0)
1st - Gemark Enya
2nd - Blunderhall Stay Alert
3rd - Kellitcreed Danger Digits
Res - Rushwater Pili Pala
VHC - Blitzlillie Girl With No Name

Limit Bitch (7/0)
1st - Molesend Crumble (AI)
2nd - Jalhar New Lease of Life with Haggatty
3rd - Redcap Northern Lights Over Alandobel
Res - Linkenlees Laurina ShChEx
VHC - Huntshill Usual Suspect

Open Bitch (8/0)
1st - Serenaker Agatha Raisin
2nd - Butterow Token
3rd - Kellitcreed Jessica Barker
Res - Linkenlees Lyric ShChEx ShChM
VHC - Mar Mar Mia

Veteran Bitch (3/1)
1st - Tiger Lilly Blossom
2nd - Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShChM

Best Bitch
Felinoak Ffansi Nansi
Reserve Best Bitch
Molesend Crumble (AI)
Best Puppy Bitch
Felinoak Ffansi Nansi
Best Veteran Bitch
Tiger Lilly Blossom

Best Bitch/Best Puppy Bitch | Reserve Best Bitch | Best Veteran Bitch

Have a look at our Winter 2022 Newsletter

Southern Counties Beagles Open Show 2022 Winners

Dog Line-up

(L) BD/ BPD Dufosee Isaac

Judge: Matt Wenman (Wenannou)

(C) RBD Gemark Eyas

(R) BV Lanesend Segenhoe Jw

Bitch Line-up

(L) BIS/BB Ch. Dufosee Dragonfly of Parkebreeway Jw

Judge: Matt Wenman (Wenannou)

(C) RBIS/RBB/BPIS Molesend Dormouse

(R) RBV Redcap Bella Sorella Jw Vw

Click the link below to see the 2022 Open Show Critiques

SCBC third Open Show – 25th June 2021

The club’s Open Show in 2021 was once again held back-to-back with the Southern Counties Canine Association Championship Show at Newbury Showground, near Thatcham. There had been delays and a lot of speculation as to whether the show would go ahead due to issues around the Covid 19 pandemic. Unlike some general Championship Shows SCCA were in a better position than many and did not find it necessary to cancel their show. Our judge for the day was breed specialist from Scotland, Rachel Cuthill (Divinebrae). Rachel had a terrific entry of 71 Beagles giving an entry of 81.

 Whilst there are lots of advantages for the club to go in partnership with a bigger show, the fact that we couldn’t get started until later in the day, after the CC’s had been awarded at the SCCA show, did have an impact on the number of people who stayed to the end of our show. Rachel coped well with everything that came her way and finished up with a lovely line-up of hounds.

 Best Bitch, BP and BIS was Havard’s Annavah Buttercup who also took the Hound Puppy Group 1 at the SCCA Championship Show.  Best Dog, RBIS and BV was Goldberg’s Ch. Molesend Kaftan JW Sh,CM.

Click the link below to see the 2021 Open Show Critiques

Open Show 2021 Winners Photos: